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it seems a lifetime for you to get to this point.
one lapů that is all that stands between you and the rest.
one lapů to be the fastest you put it on the line, everything has to be perfect, you, the car, the track.
all the work, the struggle, the glory comes down to this.
your chance; your quest for the place reserved only for the fastestů

t h e   p o l e p o s i t i o n

[09.02.2007] we are proudly present the scenecon 2007 announce intro. check the releases!

[09.10.2006] our function2006 demo is now downloadable.
the whole demonstration was made at the partyplace, started on saturday @ ~14:30.
check this out: slownet

[27.08.2006] we released a 64k intro at the s!p & racers meeting. check the releases page!

[07.03.2006] our breakpoint2006 64k intro is online now.

[07.03.2006] tre kronor released, v8 added.
[24.02.2006] we have a new member: schuMAXer. welcome dude!

[02.01.2006] tada.wav \o/
we are proud to present the demoscene championship result!
check the list and check your position!

[23.12.2005] we released a little 4k intro just for fun and just to spare some place.
[10.10.2005] we were at function2005 and released a 64k intro called wroom
[19.09.2005] yo! we have a new homepage dezign. blue is good. blue is your friend.
[30.07.2005] webpage updated with our assembly 2005 intro which is the official invitation of function 2005 demoparty.
[23.07.2005] together with bluebox gmbh we released a multiplatform demo at fyanica #12.
[25.04.2005] we released our second 64k intro called grandprix at pixelshow 2005. the intro is downloadable now.
[10.04.2005] homepage started and first release added.